Customer Loyalty Programs

Infographic-06Take your customer loyalty to the next level!

Is your customer loyalty strategy truly effective? Are you really reaching, cultivating and retaining customers using the latest tools and most effective practices?

Loyalty is an increasingly important aspect of web customer management. The high cost of audience acquisition, and the trend toward analytic and data-driven marketing, makes loyalty an over-arching trend of marketing for the immediate future. As with any trend, you have the option of waiting it out and seeing how the marketplace reacts. However, smart marketers realize the importance of staying at the leading edge of this wave.

The market is more crowded than ever which makes consumer loyalty a lot harder to sustain. Only firm and REGULAR customer engagement and loyalty efforts can give you an edge over your competitors.

Here are some astounding facts:

– Over 80% of any business comes from loyal customers
– Over a life time, loyal customers spend 10 times more than new ones
– Loyal customers will potentially up-sell your business by 60-70% through word-of-mouth

With such eye-openers, can your marketing efforts afford to ignore engagement and loyalty programs that have the capacity to convert your first time customers into loyal ones?

Sounds like a grueling task? That’s where we can help!


Going Mobile is the Master Key

Mobile phones are present in almost every pair of hands. This can be the master key to unlocking customer loyalty. Our experts can create mobile coupons and special offers for some great drives to earn customer loyalty. With our knowledge, you will make full use of modern connect points like online mediums, mobiles and social media to build a loyal relationship. Referral programs, contests and other activities on social media are exceedingly helpful to win customer loyalty.


The mobile wallet will keep gaining popularity and help you build a loyal clientele


Although cash and credit cards are not about to become things of the past, mobile payment is already a huge chunk of the payment pie. According to Forrester Research, mobile payments will amount to $90 billion in the coming years. And we anticipate that this year, retailers will be taking big strides towards that number by adopting solutions such as PayPal, Google Wallet, Square Wallet, Dwolla, and others.



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