Blogging for business



The new trend today is blogging. Businesses are getting more personal with their clients or potential clients. It is important to elaborate ways to find new content or topics that would attract targeted potential clients, engaging in tutorials, explaining your market, proposing solutions or just being creative (for instance engaging in a contest, offering rebate coupons, and so much more).

Let’s look at a dentist for example; the best way would be to create a comfort zone in the potential client to reassure him/her as to the dentist’s competence. One of the means to achieve this would be to have a weekly blog explaining cavities, root canal, how you proceed, and explaining this in a caring way would definitely bring trust to a potential client.

Really, any king of services provided with a hands-on practice would be good to blog. People like to see who they deal with before they buy or make an appointment. I for one, prefer to establish a more familiar contact with the person who will take care of me. I’m just saying… but it turns out I’m not the only one, me and a bunch of other people feel the same way!

Not only that, if you have taught me something, then you are more knowledgeable then I am and now I know I can trust you in your domain.

Now maybe for a hair dresser…


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